“Organizations that destroy the status quo win. Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable.” – Seth Godin

EYH Chicago’s partners and individual sponsors are crucial to our work in changing the status quo for women in STEM and implementing life-changing career initiatives for girls within the Chicago community. Contributions and donations help cover major costs, including equipment rental, venue rental, workshop supplies, printed materials, t-shirts, goodie bags, and food needed to run a successful volunteer-led conference.

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Our Featured Partners

Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine is a leader in quality healthcare and service, bringing together faculty, physicians, and researchers to support and advance that care through leading-edge treatments and breakthrough discoveries.



For five decades, PolyScience has responded to the needs of laboratory, chemical, medical, industrial, and plastics markets with unparalleled innovation, passion and user-focus. Their dedication to quality, ease of operation and reliability has helped them become a global company that spans six continents.

Illinois Technology Association


ITA offers innovative business services that enable Illinois technology companies to scale through collaboration, education, talent development and industry visibility. They’re not a place you “go” –they are a network you access, a resource you leverage, and an advisor you trust.

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The Maker Mom MommaCuisine
The Maker Mom MommaCuisine

Other Generous Partners

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Individual Sponsors

Ross Cawthon • Alisha Morganthaler • Cristian Suarez Atias • Maneesha Pimplikar • Bethanie-Michelle Statler • John Verkuilen • Andrew Latham • Leslie Jacobs • Maize Jacobs-Brichford • Ellyn Dooley • Wendy Podkasik • Harshad Hussain • Meridith Halsey • David Egan • Nicholas Schade • Joseph Levy • Jayeeta Kundu • Ryan Cranfill • Shelby Wenner • Michael Stringer • Vlad Seghete • Evan Angelico • Ross Weijer • Brian Lange • Vishal Soni • Gina Mayonado • Morgan McFarland • Car Talk – Dewey Cheetem and Howe • Lucy Nobrega • Alison Herdrich • Piloquio Inc. • Charlotte Pavelka • Lauren Tompkins • Nathaniel Jiang • Carolyn Jacobs • Arjun Biddanda • John Lee • Alyssa Harker • Willa Gutfreund • Jennifer Merritt • Ana Beiriger • Jordan Marshall • Chloe Pastore • Amy Arnstein • Gene Beiriger • West Middleton Farm • Susan Belin • Christopher Craddock • Simone Rauch • Peter Venti • Alexandra Beiriger • Natalia Gonzales • Eric McLean • Brian Mellon • Carlos Amezcua • Yuval Yifat • Seamus Mullin • Samantha Nell • Mary Bissell • Delphine Coursault • John Novembre • Laurie Richter • Henrietta T. Saunders • Heather Proudfoot

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